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VÖETSEK “A match made in hell” CD


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ETSEK “A match made in hell” 5.00 EUR / 20zł

(Six Weeks) Need some thrash? If you haven’t sampled the magic of Voetsek, this might satisfy the palette. Even better would be to go see them live. Every time I have seen them, I always leave knowing I had a good time. This a package chock full of stuff. Forty-two tracks they handpicked from fourteen different releases. Compilations, splits, 7”s, LPs, and an unreleased track. So much stuff to listen to, but it goes by so quickly. Only a couple of songs here top the two minute mark and they are barely over that mark. Straight ahead thrash with hints of crossover. To the point and no bullshit. –don (Razorcake)