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ACTIVE MINDS “The freedom of the borough” EP


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ACTIVE MINDS “The freedom of the borough” 5,00 EUR / 20zl
(Loony Tunes) ACTIVE MINDS are one of the most active acts in the UK political Punk, Hardcore scene, they are responsible for a lot of full albums and a sheer countless number of full / split EP´s. “The Freedom Of The Borough” is the latest and greatest output by these legendary band, you can find seven songs on this small piece of plastic, a couple melodic ones, a couple short, fast, loud ones, a couple raging Hardcore, Thrash songs and a re-recording of their super-duper smash hit “Voice Your Opinion”. The fans of ACTIVE MINDS will love this Seven Inch, their haters will hate it, in the end it´s up to you owning it or not.
This EP was pressed on Black vinyl, it comes in a eight-paged booklet cover.