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ACTIVES „Kick it down“ LP


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ACTIVES „Kick it down“ 15,00 EUR / 60zł
(Puke N Vomit) Pukenvomit is proud to announce the first ever official vinyl reissue of Scottish punk legends Actives’ debut 1983 LP Kick It Down. Though Actives may lack the notoriety of their UK82 kinsmen such as Exploited, GBH, Discharge, Blitz, etc., Kick It Down is nonetheless a sterling example of what made hardcore punk so exciting in the UK during the first half of the 80’s. With infectious songwriting, non-stop energy and incendiary, street level political outrage, this reissue is absolutely mandatory for anyone with even a passing interest in classic UK punk. Fully authorized by the band and mastered from original recordings, this faithful reissue presents the artwork, music and ideas of this scarce, cult punk ripper to a contemporary audience without the burden of paying collector prices.