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APATIA “Odejdź lub zostań” LP


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APATIA “Odejdź lub zostań” 16.00 EUR / 70zł

(Nikt Nic Nie Wie) The second album recorded in the summer of 1994 – more mature, yet typical Apatia sound – compared to Verbal Assault. They obviously avoided the “second album syndrome” and recorded fresh, powerful portion of positive hardcore in your face. For both NNNW runners it’s their best record!
In the early 1990s when diy punk scene had really formed in Poland the most important names included Inkwizycja and Apatia, you could see them at very second gig, not just in their hometown Poznan, which soon saw the rise of Rozbrat squat, with Apatia members involved.
Apatia recorded 6 albums before they split up in 2011, the band were heavily into diy punk with a positive message – squatting, anti-fascism, social conscience – that was what they always stood for.