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APPRAISE “Deeper than that” 12″ (2nd press)


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APPRAISE “Deeper than that” 12″ 20zł / 5,00 EUR (2nd press)
(REFUSE+CAN’T KEEP US DOWN) Following debut 7″ here’s the 12″ of this band from Barcelona, Spain. The new release is definitely step forward and perfect example that Southern European HC scene works pretty well. “Deeper that that” 12″ bringing to the table 11 songs (incl. DC’s YOUTH BRIGADE cover) of tight and energetic combination of early 80’s HC and late 80’s youth-crew hardcore. It should be pleasant listening to anyone into bands like INSTED, LIFE’S HALT or MINOR THREAT. Lyrically, it’s full on reflections on human behaviour and social awareness. This is a co-release between Refuse Records and Can’t Keep Us Down Records (Barcelona).