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ASEDIO “Fuego” 16.00 EUR / 70zł

(Common People) Almost 6 years have passed since Asedio released their debut LP “Asedio” (Mendeku, 2017) and 5 years since their second LP “…Y rodarán cabezas!” (Mendeku, 2018) and the split with Façcao Opposta “Inveja/Hinterland” (Combate Brutal, 2018). During all these years in the shadows, the Barcelona-based boys has undergone several changes in the line-up: Daniele (Ofensiva) left the band and was replaced by Marc (Rebel Minds/Ofensiva) on bass and Rubén (Abriendo Cabezas) by Maño (Ofensiva/Fightback) as second guitar. Most of the members also have side projects like Ofensiva or Fightback that during the last years have been much more active than Asedio. Finally the Catalan Oi! band Asedio is back with a new (more or less stable) line-up and the result is their third LP titled “Fuego” with 8 new tracks. And we really think it’s their best album to date. The entrance of Maño as second guitar has changed a bit the hard, crushing, very classic English Oi! style of the 80’s of their first works for a more “cleaner” sound, endless guitars (you can notice the influences of the Onkelz) very catchy and yes, Juan’s voice is still as rough as always.