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BANJAX/VOETSEK split  5.00 EUR / 22zł

(MCR) BANJAX are from Tokyo and this is their second
release. Shuko, their vocalist, has a great shriek
that reminds me of ROMANTIC GORILLA. She
plays this against a singing style that makes her
sound like the singer from SOFAHEAD. And the
band has upped the tempo and noise quotient to
their overall sound making for a noisier faster sounding trashing of a
basic hardcore sound. They are really coming along. BANJAX are paired
up with 6 new songs by VOETSEK. Jeff rides the crossover riffage and
Amy sounds like she is being a tortured sounding Blaine Cook. If I
didn’t know better, VOETSEK sound like they are going for an
ACCUSED sound. But the ACCUSED write long songs. All of
VOETSEK’s songs clock in at around a minute or less. No time for the
musical masturbation that was crossover. Just rip the heaviness from it
and cut everything in half to pack twice the punch. It’s crazy how intense
VOETSEK are. “Thrash 4 Life” is 12 seconds long and has a wailing
guitar solo. Tell me that isn’t crazy.  SP (EqualizingxDistort)