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BANNLYST “Diskografi” LP


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BANNLYST “Diskografi” 15.00 EUR / 65zł

(Norwegian Leather) “The second release on Norwegian Leather Records is the Bannlyst “Diskografi” LP with their songs from the split tape with Angor Wat (their best material), the “La Dem Ikke Lure Deg” 7″ songs, “Terrorstyre” from the “Nå Eller Aldri” compilation and a cover version. Everything has been carefully remastered from the original cassette tapes and vinyl as all master tapes were lost over the years. Bannlyst were from Molde in Norway, existed between 1982 and 1985 and are one of the few legendary old Scandinavian bands that have not seen legit re-issues until now, so here is your chance. Members from Bannlyst later went on to play in So Much Hate and Stengte Dører, among other bands.” -Florian/HeartFirst Records