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BANNLYST “Mørk Tid” 8.00 EUR / 35zł

(Norwegian Leather) Who would’ve thought? A new BANNLYST release in 2023! Two and a quarter unheard songs from 1985, the lost final songs of the band. Recorded before members moved away from Molde and one by one ended up in Oslo and started other great bands.

The tape with these recordings was found when a band member moved house some years ago, and now finally put out on vinyl. Totally classic Norwegian Hardcore Punk. Released in cooperation with Cease Fire!, the label that brought you the crazy awesome MOLDE PUNX 2xLP reissue.

The songs here are: Bare En Slave (1985), Mørk Tid (1985), Hvit Natt Intro Outro (1985), Terrorstyre (1985), 40000 Døde Barn (live, 1992). The EP comes with a big fold-out lyric sheet, international copies have English lyric translations. Just like La Dem Ikke Lure Deg in 1985.