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BATO „Ravages of time“ EP


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BATO „Ravages of time“ 7.50 EUR / 35zł
(Not For The Weak) A frantic rush of hardcore punk from Virginia, tried and tested forumla, but one of the strengths of this genre is it’s suitability to being reivented and rehashed. Pissed off rage and crazy fast intensity never gets tired or old… when you do it right. And this one blazes bright. Covers of Poison Idea and YDI should give you a clear indication of what the deal is here. You’ve heard it before, but it was too good, you have to hear it again… This follows up their demo of 2016, 7 new songs, 8 and half minutes of pummeling hardcore, from a band that features ex members of Reckoning Force, Restless and Frat Boys.