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BEYOND PINK “Pride and prejudice” LP


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BEYOND PINK “Pride and prejudice” 35zł / 9e
(Emancypunx) Bright colors loving punkettes from the Crime city (aka Malmo) don’t want to let you take a breath. New record is coming and with the same spirit as always in their case – it’s not just a copy of the previous release. They’re good with being able to escape from any sort of cliche and boredom, having good laugh on it but still keeping a hardcore punk band to the bone. Beyond Pink are here to bring back colors to monotonous uniformed scene and they always happy to see some surprised faces around. It’s 10 years on their backs now, so we can definitely say about solid unit here, but especially in the last couple of years their became very active with plenty of shows and some important festivals around Europe and received well deserved feedback for their commitment. “Pride and prejudice” is 10 songs, sounding sometimes a little heavier than previous 12″ – so there’s still some fast HC songs, as well as more catchy and melodic parts and yet ” Jag lever pa hoppet”, a love song that will make hearts of punx in love beating faster. There’s also something extra for all the boys who’s coming to see The Pink in action and not just as a coatracks for their girlfriends going wild in the pit.