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BL’AST „Manic ride“ LP


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BL’AST „Manic ride“ 18.00 EUR / 85zł

(Southern Lord) Essential reissue of the 3rd and final BL’AST! studio album from 1989. Sonically enhanced with an aggressive remaster from Brad Boatright.

In June of 1988 the mighty Bl’ast! went into the studio with Black Flag’s live sound engineer Goat : Dave Rat (Ratsound). The result was the album: Take The Manic Ride. It was released by SST in 1989. After the dust had settled the band was somewhat dissatisfied with the production of the album and regret ended up eternally haunting the band. The massive intensity of the songs completely outmatched what the recording ultimately captured. The master tapes were destroyed and were never to be recovered. Through some incredibly magical surgery a new heavy as fuck version of the album has been produced.