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BLUE VOMIT „Discografia 1982/1983“ LP


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BLUE VOMIT „Discografia 1982/1983“ 16.00 EUR / 70zł

(F.O.A.D.) Repress of the complete discography of these nihilistic Punk heroes from Torino, northern Italy – a key place for Italian punk that has also given birth to bands like Declino, Negazione, Kollettivo, 5# Braccio, Stinky Rats and many more. Originally released by F.O.A.D. on tape over 3 decades ago, later reissued (again on F.O.A.D.) on CD and vinyl in a very limited edition instantly sold out, this collection has been out of print for more than 10 years! 23 TRACKS, compiling all their recorded material: – tracks from “Torino 198x” and “Torinoise” (1981-1982) – live in Vanchiglia and Via Artom, Torino 1982-1983 . One of the most iconic bands out of Turin’s 80’s scene: from the early teenager delirium of “Non mi alzo in pullman”, “La sfiga della suora”, “Il maniaco” marked by their pure ’77 punk approach, to the self-destructive, hallucinatory hardcore darkness which anticipates the class of their latter incarnation NERORGASMO, with songs like “Vivo in una città morta”, “Non sopporto”, “Io non sono come voi” etc… 4 page insert with rare photos, Luca Abort’s drawings, ‘zine excerpts, lyrics, biographical notes and more!