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BOILERMAN “Doing great” EP


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BOILERMAN “Doing great” 5,50 EUR / 22zł
(86’d+All In Vinyl) A less bleak counterweight to the s/t one-sided 10″ released earlier this year, “Doing Great” boils down the hardcore stuff and uncovers a punk band influenced as much by Dillinger Four and Leatherface as it is by Born Against or Rudimentary Peni. Starting with the title track and ending with a ripper cover of Warren Zevon’s “The Factory”, Boilerman reigns in the chaos and delivers a modern “90s style” midwestern pop punk record as good as any out there. It bookends their catalog-to-date and clears the ground for a new LP coming out in 2016. Members of Earth Girls, Broken Prayer, GIDIM, and more. Clear vinyl packaged in an old-style 7” single sleeve.