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BRAIN VACATION “The musicians” LP


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BRAIN VACATION “The musicians” 12,00 EUR / 48zł
(Wall Of Youth) Brain Vacation first appeared in 2008 as repulsive noise supposedly here from the post-apocalyptic future. Now that we’ve all survived 2012, BV re-emerges as an actual band from Chicago whose approach is a bit more tuneful but no less focused on the end of everything. Their new record takes full advantage of the fact that punk is whatever they make it to be Ñ furious hardcore, upbeat pop, lumbering almost-metal Ñ propelled by huge guitars and lots of yelling. This fearless sense of play makes it feel like the record could have been made 30 years ago by a group of Angeleno kids despite the fact that it was made a few months ago by a quartet of 30-year-old Anglo goons. Fuck Armageddon… This is The Musicians LP by Brain Vacation! The LP (Wall of Youth’s first) is pressed on severely heavy 180 gram “molten core” colored vinyl and housed in a printed matte jacket with 2-sided lyric sheet/insert, shrink-wrapped for posterity and limited to 250 copies. Play at maximum volume for a real treat.