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BREAKOUTS “Teeth in the gears – discography 1979-1983” LP


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BREAKOUTS “Teeth in the gears – discography 1979-1983” 18,00 EUR / 80zł

(Puke N Vomit) Top-notch Punk Rock from SF, the PNV discography compilation features all the tracks from both of their collectable 7inches “In Vagueness Deal” (1979) and “Waiting for A Change / All We Wanna Do” (1980) plus the entire mind blowing “No More” (1983) mini-LP along with two unreleased tracks from the same era. The Breakouts were a powerhouse SF punk band known for lead singer Rudy Fontaine’s awesome vocals and killer song writing. Their 1983 track “Junkies All Around You” was college and underground radio staple. They toured the USA with Italian Hardcore legends Raw Power in 85.