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BROKEN BRAINS “Broken Brains” EP


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BROKEN BRAINS “Broken Brains” 4,00 EUR / 16zł
(Broken Brains) Four tracks of raging hardcore with Japanese vocals, influenced as much by Venom and Celtic Frost as it is by Gauze and GISM, these guys were around for a brief period in the late 80’s before going on to live normal lives. Encouraged back into the studio by members of Thisclose, who covered the band on their s/t LP, this EP is the result of the first studio recording of the mighty Broken Brains. The black vinyl EP comes with: A fold our sleeve with lyrics for all the songs Two reproduction flyers of Broken Brains only ever live shows An insert with a detailed history of the band written in Japanese This EP is limited to 200 copies only worldwide.