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BRONXXX/DONE FOR split 8,00 EUR / 32zł
(Ajna) [Bronxxx] They’re Japanese skate punks who suck at skating and that is pretty much all they sing about. This CD is five songs of pure insanity, with the crowning jewel being “Don’t Crash into the Wall,” which even adds a funky little breakdown at the end that would make JFA smile. As my skate collects dust in the corner and my old man injuries compound weekly, I can really feel for where these guys are coming from. I would love to hang out with them someday. Done For are a hardcore band. The kind with big, block letter fonts and lots of metal guitar. I’m not feeling this at all. The anger and seriousness doesn’t mesh well with the fun that is the Bronxxx side of the split. “Skulls & Dicks” for the win! –Ty Stranglehold, Razorcake