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BRUTAL SUEGERS “Caras sucias” EP


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BRUTAL SUEGERS “Caras sucias” 8.50 EUR / 35zł

(Common People) Brutal Siegers are back with a new two track 7″ titled “Caras Sucias”. The Barcelona band formed by people from Brux, Acero Condal, Area de Combate… have recorded a couple of new songs in the vibe of their first record “Comte Estruch” (Common People, 2022) and that serves as a preview of what will be their next LP that will be released at the end of 2023. Anyway, dirty faces, hard and crushing Oi! with clear Punk influences, this time lyrics only in Spanish, strong vocals that kick your ass again as in “Caras Sucias” and also using the saxophone in their music (Do I hear a bit of Gatans Lag and Stomper 98?), which clearly reminds me of the classic French Oi! from the ’80s. I love the vile and wild sound of the Siegers! Recorded at Bonzo Recordings. 2 tracks!