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CAUSTIC DEFIANCE “Caustic Defiance” EP


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CAUSTIC DEFIANCE “Caustic Defiance” 5,00 EUR / 20zł
(Way Back When+Kangaroo) Caustic Defiance was the band the Stepe brothers formed after Negative Element broke up and they were forced to relocate to central IL in a farm town far removed from any sort of punk rock scene. Instead of throwing their hands up in the air and decide to start working the farm, the brothers brought punk rock to Peoria and put that town on the punk rock map. Unlike Negative Element, Caustic Defiance never put out any records, they simply recorded a bunch of songs as a demo tape that unfortunately mostly sat in a shoebox. This 12-song 7″ is taken from their 1983 demo tape and that band was pretty much a straight up hardcore band typical for that period of time and could easily hold its own up against any of the “well known” bands of that time.