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CEMENTED MINDS „Colostrum“ 10“ (pink)


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CEMENTED MINDS „Colostrum“ 10“ 12.00 EUR / 55zł (pink)
(Emergence+I Corrupt+HC4LZS+…) “Colostrum” is the debut record from the French Post Punk band Cemented Minds. (Ex-)Members from Hardcore Punk bands like Amanda Woodward, Nine Eleven, Aussitot Mort and Burning Bright came together to form this band and record the EP in the Winter of 2018. Although the sound of Cemented Minds is different to the members’ previous projects, it should not be as a huge surprise for most of the listeners. In fact it makes sense since the love for Post Punk has always been strong in the Hardcore Punk community (take Ceremony as an example who diversified their sound over time). Colostrum is a strong five track record that serves gloomy dark songs which are pressed on beautiful pink marbled vinyl.