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CHAINSAW TO THE FACE “Chainsaw To The Face” EP


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Long awaited debut EP from CTTF of New Jersey! You may remember them from their early demos, split tapes or of course the split 10” w Hummingbird of Death which are all fine and good recordings, but they really need to be heard on this record. Harsh, brutal and hate filled east coast grind-violence from these straight edge guys. Violent lyrics & imagery remains the usual theme for this band on this EP (like any of their past material) and its all done in a very non-gimmicky kind of way, which is refreshing. Recording is very punk and the sound is lo-fi,, which is perfect for a record like this. This style of harsh, real ‘power violence’ is NOT for everyone, so wimps and poseurs need not apply since this is for the real cult freaks. 19 songs in all on this EP, they’re influenced by such greats as Plutocracy, Assuck, No Comment and Excruciating Terror.