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CHAOS U.K. “Kings for a day (The Vinyl Japan Years: 1991-2001)” LP (green)


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CHAOS U.K. “Kings for a day (The Vinyl Japan Years: 1991-2001)18.00 EUR / 80zł (green)

(Radiation) One of the most legendary and longest lasting of English anarcho-punk acts, Chaos UK was formed in the southwest fishing port town of Portishead, near Bristol, in 1979, their lightning-speed protest anthems leading to top-ranking status internationally, most especially in Japan, where they influenced a range of emerging local hardcore bands. This compilation gathers the best of their Japan singles issued in the 1990s and early 2000s, including the ‘King For A Day,’ ‘Kanpai,’ ‘Making Half A Killing’ and ‘The Dangerous Study’ EPs, as well as bonus tracks culled from the Punk’s Not Dead compilation. Absolutely essential Chaos!