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CIRCLES “Coruscation” EP (pink)


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CIRCLES “Coruscation” 6.00 EUR / 25zł (pink)
(Shield) Born in 2017 around Nantes/France, CIRCLES plays an heavily Washington DC influenced hardcore, also inspired by the more melodic turnover of a part of the hardcore scene in the mid 80s. Fueled with punk culture in all its diversity, the 5 members of Circles blend a positive and political approach of hardcore, with lyrics focusing on the idea that it is necessery to emancipate ourselves from the current world through collective action and the joy we can find in it.In 2017 Circles released there first demo, quickly pressed on vinyl by Shield, Assurd, Crapoulet and CanISay? Records. One year later the band returned their first EP called Resonate on Unity Worldwide Records, and curently they are writing their first LP to record in 2022. Coruscation marks their new single and third release overall