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CLOCKED OUT “Clocked Out” LP


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CLOCKED OUT “Clocked Out” 12,00 EUR / 48zł
(SPHC) Clocked Out is a four piece hardcore band from Glasglow, Scotland who formed in 2011.  Clocked Out play a killer style of modern hardcore with absolutely vicious vocals.  Clocked out can be said to be influenced by Clevo-style hardcore played by 9 Shocks Terror, H-100s, as well as bands such as Left For Dead and Haymaker.  Since their inception in 2011, Clocked Out have released a two song self-titled 7″ in September of 2011 and a 2nd 7″ released in May of 2013.  This is the band’s debut full-length LP, which was released via SuperFi, At War With False Noise, and SPHC records on April 15th, 2015.  On their debut full-length LP, Clocked Out offer up nine tracks of brutal and trashy sounding Clevo-influenced hardcore.  Overall, this album absolutely rages, with the total listening time lasting under 20 minutes.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!