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CONDITION “Deteriorating” EP


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CONDITION “Deteriorating” 5,00 EUR / 20zł
(De:Nihil) CONDITION from Los Angeles (and surrounding areas) are here with five blistering tracks of hardcore punk in the Scandinavian/Japanese influenced vein. With a huge sound quality this is probably the most devastatingly massive sounding record RUST AND MACHINE has released to date. Ear shattering feedback permeates throughout the record, yet the band focuses more on absolute power and hard hitting loudness instead of just relying on simple noise and distortion like the current trends going right now. Influences ranging from the greats such as ANTI-CIMEX, CRUDE SS, FRAMTID and BASTARD shine through in these tracks, but CONDITION definitely brings a unique sound that you will hear and feel with your entire body. Featuring members of DNF and KRUEL amongst other notable acts. The latest and current formation of the band now features the drummer of EFFLUXUS.