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CRASS „Christ – the album“ 2xLP box set


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CRASS „Christ – the album“ 2xLP box set 40,00 EUR / 190zł
(Crass) Christ The Album was released as a double LP boxed set, with one vinyl of new studio material and one LP of live material, recorded at the 100 club, as well as other studio tracks, demos, and tape fragments.
A book, titled “A Series Of Shock Slogans And Mindless Token Tantrums” is also included in the box, which features an essay by Rimbaud about the suspicious death of his friend Wally Hope. There’s also a large poster painted by Gee Vaucher. Christ, unlike its predecessors, took the band a year to make, during which time the Falklands War had taken place. This caused the band (whose reason for existing was to comment on political issues) to question their approach to making records, as they felt they’d been over taken and thus made redundant by real events. Christ The album is considered by most to be the best release in the Crass repertoire.