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CRITICAL CONVICTIONS “Divisions” 11,00 EUR / 45zł
(Critical Convictions) The first thing that grabbed my attention is the vocals. Maxx sounds like she’s reaching down deep to get this sound. It’s from the gut, slightly abrasive, and tough-as-hell sounding. It really helps in giving their sound a gritty and pissed-off edge. Musically, these guys are straight-ahead hardcore that keeps things at a moderately fast pace. But they smartly stay out of the blinding thrash realm. Instead, playing at the speed they chose allows the songs to have more burn and weight. The guitars are attacked and strangled—at times bleeding distortion—while the drums push everyone along. They have some stop-go parts that come out of nowhere. The definite standout on here is “Man Enough,” pointing out the emotional distance some males display. The song is a quick, sharp burst that blazes a bit faster than the rest. In fact, the whole second side has more urgency and goes for the throat. Just check out “Snitch.” That song is pissed off, and rightfully so.  –M.Avrg (Razorcake)