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DAGGER “Writhing in the light of the moon” EP


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DAGGER “Writhing in the light of the moon” 6.50 / 26zł
(Lengua Armada) “Debut EP from this young band out of Northwest Indiana. I’m not sure if my radar for new hardcore releases is slipping or if this band has just deliberately avoided the internet, but this EP is the first I heard of them and I’m downright blown away. Combining the brute force of SOA or early Agnostic Front with the complex playing and song structures from Koro, Dagger is pretty much exactly what I want to hear from a hardcore band. The production is also perfectly analog and old school, raw and in your face but also clear and powerful. It seems as though lately there is a new wave of young bands returning to records like the EPs from Negative Approach, Koro, Mecht Mensch, Youth Brigade (DC), and the like and attempting to do something similar. I’m thinking specifically of bands like Nosferatu and Testa Dura, but Dagger absolutely belong on that list as well, not only because they play a similar style but also because they rip just as hard. Highly recommended. ” (Sorry State)