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DEFORMITY “Deformity”


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DEFORMITY “Deformity” 20zł / 5,00 EUR / $7
(La Vida Es Un Mus+Always Restrictions) Debut EP from these New York hardcore punks on Always Restrictions Records, Ian from Perdition’s label. Given that connection and the artwork, you can safely assume that these folks are associated with the whole Crazy Spirit camp, though Deformity have a bit of a different sound than those bands. The core is lose, wild hardcore punk that reminds me of early Husker Du or maybe even Articles of Faith’s early stuff, but Deformity aren’t afraid to go on different tangents, like the blistering guitar freak-out in the a-side, “Shards.” So, while Deformity definitely have their own sound they share the Toxic State dedication to defiantly doing your own thing and having an original but still incredibly intense sound. Highly recommended.