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DELIQUENCIA SONORA “1981-1985” 15.00 EUR / 65zł

(Potencial Hardcore) Mythical punk band from Madrid, they are one of the pioneer bands in Spain in the Punk, Hardcore and Anarcopunk musical movement. They have been playing uninterruptedly since their formation. Active since 1981, they did not record their first LP until 1990. In this album, released in 1993, they compiled songs composed between 1981 and 1985, including a version of Uk Subs. Delincuencia Sonora have a great history: In 1983 they recorded their first official demo, ‘Demasiado tarde’, and in the following years they released three albums in Germany under the Hamburg-based label Underground Sound. “Die Erben- Delincuencia Sonora” in 1984 “Underground Compilation’ in 1985 “Delincuencia Sonora Live in Elche 84” in 1985 Being distributed in Italy, Holland, Yugoslavia, Sweden and the USA, in this last case thanks to the support of the American company located in San Diego, Bad Compilation Tapes (BCT Tapes). This precarious distribution of tapes in those days was important enough to make them known in the suburban circuit and they were chosen to represent Spanish punk music at the Berkeley Festival (California) sharing the bill with Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Crass and D.O.A. among others in 1985. And they are still going strong.