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DETONATOR BN “Detonator BN” LP (black vinyl)


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DETONATOR BN “Detonator BN” 16.00 EUR / 70zł (black vinyl)

(Zima) It was they who won Jarocin ’87 (in the audience vote). But then again, Sochaczew is a town like many in the country in Poland. Rather of the smaller ones. It clings to the commune, but you can feel the whiff of punk rebellion. The first rehearsals date back to 1984 and the search for their place on the musical map. 1986 and the first attempt to play Jarocin, unsuccessful. Another year and success, the first concert on a small stage, the second as winner on a big stage. A few big gigs in Czechoslovakia or the USSR and a few small gigs in clubs. 1988 and another appearance in Jarocin as a star. And the grey reality in the form of “honourable military service” and no possibility to continue playing. Nothing could be recorded in the studio. The album features recordings from both Jarocin performances but also from rehearsals, concerts. There are also inserts with history and photos.