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DEZERTER “Kolaboracja” LP


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DEZERTER “Kolaboracja” LP 15,00 EUR / 70zł
(Pasażer) This is second LP from Dezerter. Recorded in 1987, released a year later in a limited pressing, with a censored artwork and parts of their lyrics (deemed as inappropriate) and altered titles of several songs. 28 years after the original release; Pasazer presents an official re-issue in the original form, albeit with a slightly revamped artwork and a 12-page booklet containing pictures, band history, lyrics and their translation. Enough has been said about this record. “Kolaboracja” is perhaps the most important album in the history of 80s Polish punk. Amazing songs and lyrics that remain as hard-hitting and thought-provoking as thirty years ago. In 1988 this full length was blowing minds… and in fact it still does.