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DIE BEAMTEN “Völker, hört die Signale!” LP


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DIE BEAMTEN “Völker, hört die Signale!” 17,00 EUR / 75zł

(Lion Crew+Elbtal+Noisebergpogo) Much has been published from the field of GDR punk in recent years. Whether you have to have it all is up to you. But a special pearl is lifted only now. The Officials formed around 1986/87, played at the legendary spring festival of the Alösakirche, in churches throughout the republic, clubs and despite the lack of classification papers even at the Tierpark Extrem Festival. They released a split tape with the legendary Re-Aktion from Potsdam. What remained were these wonderful recordings with alternating female and male vocals. Sometimes funny, sometimes political, sometimes socially critical. The band around today’s punk rock great Stunk (today Es war Mord ) paid special attention to the emerging neo-Nazi scene in the GDR. It is to be noted that the band had people at work who knew their instruments and knew what they were doing. The old recordings were extensively mastered and reworked for the LP to get the best out of the old tapes. The record comes with a 16 page full color booklet with pictures, all lyrics and the history of the band. A download code for all those who don’t have a record player is of course included.