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DISORDER “Sliced punx on meathooks” LP


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DISORDER “Sliced punx on meathooks 18.00 EUR / 80zł

(Puke N Vomit) This sought after classic will finally be available on vinyl anywhere in the world courtesy of PNV Records. Originally released by the UK82 Hardcore/Punk, Crust Punk, Noisecore pioneers on CD only in 2000 and now long “out of print”. Released 16 years after their debut album “Under the Scalpel Blade”, this album proved the band was still relevant and had not lost a step. The album rips, loaded with snotty speed punk greatness, noisy and distorted thrash just like they’ve always played and plenty of blistering angry social commentary, with song titles like “Insane War” and “Pass the Gluebag (To the Right-Hand Side).”