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DOWNCAST “Downcast” EP


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DOWNCAST “Downcast” 4,00 EUR / 16zł
(Ebullition) So much can be said of Downcast. They played a major role in the San Diego area scene along with bands like Amenity and Struggle. A lot has been made of them being the “P.C. police”, and that they became anti-moshing at shows, but one thing can’t be denied, and it’s that Downcast wrote some great metallic hardcore songs. I tend to have a great love for bands that are heavily political, and Downcast fit into that quite nicely. They did a US tour with Born Against and Rorschach, and from what I’ve read, they played Portland, but that was a year or two before I really started going to shows. The self titled 7″ from Downcast was also the first release from Ebullition Records (Stuck In The Past)