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EATEN BY SNAKES “Peace and love” LP


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EATEN BY SNAKES “Peace and love” 15.00 EUR / 65zł

(Shield) After releasing their first self titled EP in 2018, featuring four rough outlines of where this experiment might go, they’ve shared stages with Samiam and Hot Water Music, played Zürich’s Obenuse Fest, Hamburg’s Booze Cruise Festival and Rotterdam’s Stardumb Riot. Yep, they had quite a good run, took all their enthusiasm and ten songs into the studio, and fired their debut LP ‘Calming Pink’ right into the crashing tidal wave of a global pandemic. Even greater times for sarcastic lyrics ever since, so in early 2023 they hit the studio again to record their sophomore album ‘Peace And Love’. Soundwise, Eaten by Snakes enhanced their definition of punk rock with a handful of drum loops and piano samples. Always remembering their fiavorite Bible quote: One, two, three, four, who’s punk? What’s the score?