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ELECTRIKA „Demo“ 7.00 EUR / 32zł
(Discos Enfermos+A-Z) From Mexico City and very close to the point where CELDA and TOTALOVE left off, this new band emerges ready to destroy whatever comes their way. 5 electric and dirty songs, distorted and angry, rotten and violent as only something suggested in Cdmx could be. Drum bases that border on thrash in frenetic and infinite rhythms, dirty and drilling bass lines, guitar riffs sharp as knives and Diana’s voice spitting rage like few voices are capable of doing. Could you imagine the last era of HHH playing noisy and distorted Japanese crust?? You wouldn’t even come close to what this guys are capable to do. Recorded at Tarantula Estudio in CDMX, mastered by Amaury Ochoa and artwork by Farias Skullkid. 500 copy pressed.