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ENDLESS SWARM „Imprisoned in skin“ LP


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ENDLESS SWARM „Imprisoned in skin“ 12,00 EUR / 50zł
(Coxinha+Loner Cult+Dead Heroes+…) Limited to 500 copies in a random colour. Brand new album from Scotland’s finest Grindviolence Quartet Endless Swarm! “Imprisoned in Skin” is their first LP and it is an absolute monster! 19 tracks of blistering, filthy, ungodly fury that is sure to please! Let’s kick this adventure off by taking the time to drink in the cover art. We see depicted here, what appears to be a human head that has been split open, and contains some kind of parasitic worm that has taken full control of its host. It is a truly captivating piece of art to say the least. It contains the stench of Grind, the primal emotions of Powerviolence, and a tiny pinch of Punk attitude to create a goulash of musical prowess.