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ESKORBUTO “Anti todo” LP


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ESKORBUTO “Anti todo” 16.00 EUR / 70zł

(Bcore) One of the most influential bands for the Spain and Latin America’s punk community, ESKORBUTO has a special reputation that has only grown with time (…). Still relevant and still resonates with modern days”. Maximum Rockandroll. – Released in 1985, Anti Todo is widely considered their masterpiece and one of the best-selling albums in the history of punk in Spanish. It includes the band’s three best known songs: Historia triste, Cuidado y Cerebros destruidos
– Comes with the original artwork, photos and texts written and edited by Pablo Cabeza, writer and music journalist, expert on the Basque Radical Rock movement (which Eskorbuto themselves disowned), and historically close to the band. – Out of print for years due to legal issues with their label, this reissue has been carefully remastered by Xavi Navarro, sound engineer who worked with Standstill, Aina, Outcry, E-150 or A Room With A View.