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EVEN WORSE/GOLDUST split 5,00 EUR / 20zł
(Final Exit) GOLDUST from Münster/Germany deliver 3 straight up, no bullshit metallic Hardcore tracks with pissed vocals, sharp riffs and breakdowns among which you find ‘I Eat Your Fucking Face Off’ that severely kills. The original version was originally done by their flipside mates EVEN WORSE, but the tune of the song changed here from Punk to Black Metal. EVEN WORSE from Schweinfurt/Germany. coming up with more thrashy and fast Hardcore-Punk in the vein of DS 13, DRI and STACK or TACKLEBERRY with rough vocals that take your breath in a storm. Among this blast you find ‘3Ds and an F’ and the GOLDUST cover ‘Speaking tongues’ interpreted in their very own way.