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(Mannequin Rein+Dirt Farm) This is a brand new split from two bands that are moving quite fast in the underground these days. Starting with Dead Church, I’ve already listened to them for their brief collaboration with Suffering Mind for a 5″ split EP. They’re style is the same as back then, even if I think they improved a little bit. They’re style is a solid and thick kind of grindcore with A LOT of influences coming from Powerviolence. The strong, and most reocgnisable one, comes from the vocals, which are shouted in a growl way, but not too deep, making it that kind of raunchy grunt more similar to the ones sported by bands like Spazz, Infest and Capitalist Casualties instead of Napalm Death and Terrorizer. Music wise, they rely to a solid and classic formula : buzzing uitars and pounding drums, interchanging between brutal and thick sections and amazing stop and gos, adding some top notch slower moments. The overall feeling is somewhat similar to Weekend Nachos’ Unforgivable and that’s nothing but a good thing. Faction Disaster hails from Michigan. This band three songs of pure and raw Grindcore, for a total of mere three minutes. The approach taken here will throw you back to the late 80′s, where Grindcore was a stillborn bastard child of a lot of different music styles and all the sub-divisions that are here today didn’t existed even in the most wild dreams of any extreme music fan of those times. What does it mean? It means that you can easily put in a mincer the guitar riffs of Machetazo, Repulsion and Xysma, the fast approach of Nausea (LA), early Napalm Death and Assuck and mix ‘em all with a sounds’ choice which reminds a lot all those 90′s Death Metal underground gods, like Incantation, Goreaphobia or Master. This si pure old school extreme music, clearly with a strong Grindcore main frame, but with the ability to mix all that stuff up and create something so classical but yet so personal.