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FEAR OF WAR “Warsongs 1985-1987” LP


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FEAR OF WAR “Warsongs 1985-1987” 16,00 EUR / 65zł
(Nausea) This is the long awaited official release featuring early studio recordings of this classic Swedish Punk/Hardcore band! 14 tracks in total: 8 from the legendary compilations “The Vikings Are Coming…” and “Afflicted Cries in the Darkness of War”; 4 from the rare original demo and 2 from a previously unreleased 7” EP. Most tracks remastered from original reel to reel tapes. This is presented with a printed inner sleeve with photos, flyers, zines and liner notes. Cover artwork created in 1987 by the artist whose work is featured on the cover of “The Vikings Are Coming…” 140g vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies. Fagersta, Sweden in the early 80’s. A small, bleak industrial town and home to a bunch of punks who were filled with the angst of the forthcoming Apocalypse of 1984 which George Orwell predicted. It was around this time that Kerre (vocals/bass), Micke (guitar) and Hocke (drums) formed a band called Practical Joke (1981-1982), Changing the name to Fear of War in 1982. Their first rehearsals took place in the basement of Hocke’s family home. After only 2 weeks they had their first gig in the nearby city of Skinnskatteberg, armed with only four songs which they repeated over and over again, until the usual bar fight began. Not long after, Hocke left to join Crude S.S. and Ugly Squaws. In his place came Marko. With inter changeable members; Fear of War, Ugly Squaws, Crude S.S. and Bedrövlers all rehearsed in the abandoned apartments called Kottmossen in Fagersta. The “Tour in Finland 1984” included Fear of War, Ugly Squaws, Bedrövlers, Crude S.S., Anti Cimex and the Finnish band Vaurio. Fear of War played with Disorder in Copenhagen at the “Subfestival” in 1987. This was to be their last gig before they split.