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FIEND „Nothing to say“ flexi EP (+ „Wiggin Out“ #3)


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FIEND „Nothing to say“ flexi EP (+ „Wiggin Out“ #3) 8.00 EUR / 35zł blue
(Crew Cuts) The brand new, third instalment of Wiggin’ Out zine is here.
This one is jam full of interviews with Fiend, Dark Thoughts, Tossed Aside, Bent Blue, Final Dose, Gamma, Coffin Mulch, The Dweebs, Other Half and Ordinance. It’s the biggest one to date, but not too big! No one wants a book sold to them as a zine, it’s just big enough.
This time round the flexi is from Galway’s FIEND. Keeping it real, way out west Ireland – expanding on that weirdo-hardcore sound, giving it a bit more of a garage lean. It’s cool. If you dug their s/t 7″ on Donor Records then dig yer ears into these tasty new numbers.
THE FIX „At the speed of twisted