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FOR PETE´S SAKE „North Atlantic“ 12″


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FOR PETE´S SAKE „North Atlantic“ 18,00 EUR / 72zl
(React!) With the release of their 5 song 12” EP, For Pete’s Sake is back at it – full force, and with pure intensity! This release marks a new chapter for four guys with ties all the way back to Europe’s premier Straight Edge Hardcore band Sportswear in the 90s, and further. Three decades of Hardcore, plain and simple. With the name-baring singer, Peter Amdam, no longer here, vocals have been split between Espen and Arne. The EP is a combination of material written whilst the band was a 5-piece, and newer songs. Recorded in two sessions in Gothenburg, Sweden, last year.
This record is a homage to the deep furrows carved out by the North Atlantic ocean along our shores. And the sunsets that fade into the colour blue. It deals with the loss of our loved ones – in remembrance and mourning. It is also a celebration of hope, endurance, intent, urgency, and an alarm for the state of our world today.