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FORESIGHT “In search of understanding” LP (black)


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FORESIGHT “In search of understanding” (black vinyl) 15.00 EUR / 65zł
FORESIGHT started in 2017 in Kraków, Poland and made their stage debut in June 2018. A year later, they released their debut 7” on Ugly & Proud/Youth2Youth Records. Now, we are pleased to present their first full-length release on Refuse Records!

This band is made up of a Polish-Ukrainian group of friends for whom their connecting reference point was the sound of the early and mid 90s hardcore. At the time of their formation, this style of hardcore was referred to as “new school”. Today, after about thirty years, it’s hard to talk about hardcore sounding “new”, but in describing Foresight we can confidently talk about their freshness and musical creativity. You will hear that perfectly executed on this output and it might bring back memories and spirit of the bands such as Outspoken, Strife, Culture or Indecision, along with a distinct contemporary touch and a hint of local Eastern European sensitivity, emotion and passion

Their approach, combined with great production, make the Foresight full-length a complete package. Their sound will be familiar to listeners and at the same time unique. With a style of their own and recognizable influences, the band is entirely accessible to today’s audience. In the context of the dramatic times in which we live, this entire album will make a solid impact.