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FUCK-UPS “FU82” EP (2nd press, yellow)


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FUCK-UPS “FU82” 10.00 EUR / 45zł (2nd press, yellow)

(Puke N Vomit) PNV presents a limited reissue of everyone’s favorite SF scummy Punk Hardcore 7”. The Fuck Ups were a well liked and despised SF Punk Hardcore bands depending on who you talk to. Generally its often agreed upon that The Fuck-Ups were San Francisco’s ugliest, most hated band of the early 80’s, featuring lead vocalist and band leader Bob Noxious who was the bane of the early 80’s SF scene. Pretty universally disliked by all, including other bands, labels, fanzines and even his own band. He was known for attacking other singers of bands. He attacked Ian Mackaye from Minor Threat on their 83’ tour. They released this one fantastic 6track 7” EP in 1982. We are talking scummy sleazy hate filled Punk/Hardcore. Long sought after and never repressed until now, thanks to PNV Records. For Fans Of: Urban Assault, Verbal Abuse, Code of Honor, Fang, Sick Pleasure.