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FUN TIME OBJECTS „C20/20 Go-Go!“ 20,00 EUR / 90zł
(Good Times Rock n Roll Club) Fun Time Objects emerged from a project started by Famous Logs in History’s bass player Ben Mancell with the sole purpose of releasing a set of 2 minute songs on his label Fuzzy Warbles Cassettes. He recruited his brother Josh who resides in LA to play drums and FLIH’s guitarist Clare and drummer Linda to provide a dual vocal attack. This culminated in a 10 song C30 cassette called “2 Minute Songs For 3 Minute Heroes” (FW07). The “band” played a one-off show performing the cassette in its entirety karaoke style with Clare and Linda singing and Ben on synth. Fast forward a year or so later Ben started playing with former bandmates Tom Dash (Imaginary Icons, Shop Fronts) and Hambone (Pepper Kings, Lone Wolves). They asked Clare to sing and play guitar. With Clare back on vocals FTO MKII was born. We are pleased to now offer this epic album on vinyl.