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FUTURA “V” 6.00 EUR / 28zł

(Brainwasher) Erika, Egger, Kris and Eddie are FUTURA from L.A. and blend punk with the occasional post-punk sound (En La Ciudad) into an urgent affair. Barré and haudrauf with Erika’s riot grrrl touch and furious eruptions lead into a slam dance punk coglomerate. Spanish and English content that makes clear what Erika doesn’t want and doesn’t agree with (Not as it seems, I don’t want to hear it). Feeling free is the central core theme of the 4 songs. Nevertheless, this doesn’t sound like a happy turn of the times, but more like a destructive swan song to process one’s own strengths and character traits into tightly woven punk songs, which are served crisply and snappily to the point.