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GAITZE „Gaitze“ LP


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GAITZE „Gaitze“ 14,00 EUR / 55zł
(Discos Enfermos) (D.E) Without a doubt this record makes a before and after for my label. Since I know about the existence of this new band born from the ashes of KARKABA I knew that punk was not dead in Euskal Herria. To talk about KARKABA is to speak for me of the BEST punk band that I have ever had in Euskal Herria, a band that I set forever and that I have marked forever. GAITZE is exactly where KARKABA stayed, that’s how a PUNK band should sound like. Because GAITZE is nothing more than PUNK, there is no other way to define its sound. The same voice of KARKABA with Rober who seems to be spitting in your face hate on each word, the same sharping guitar of Gorka leting you without a fucking second to take air. New drums keeping the same speed and angry. Youy would never believe that it is 3-piece who make this fucking noise. 10 songs sung in spanish and in Basque and with a totally handmade modeling with stencils and spray, totally DIY. Includes insert with letters and labels painted with spray. A fucking piece of gold that will take a long time to repeat itself.